Euroalai s.r.l. was established in 1994 as a manufacturer of men’s underwear and casual wear for women and men. He registered the marks “For your sake” and “Discobol” and “Pro-test“, brands with common denominator “Made with care in Roamnia” which he marketed through the multi-department stores.

Starting with 1996, with the opening of the first cash & carry store of the Metro chain, Euroalai was a Romanian company that explored, developed, tested and confirmed through the opening, shelf and taxes for the marketing activities paid to the big retail chains arriving in Romania. , the behavior and the response of the Romanian market for various groups of textile products.

In 1997, at the proposal of the members of the National Association of Cooks and Confectioners in Romania Euroalai develops the Vighor brand, its name representing the acronym generated by the description “Industrial Clothing for Gastronomy Hotels and Restaurants”.

After years and years from the beginning, Vighor has become the appreciated brand in Romania for kitchen textiles. Vighor supported and supported the performance, elegance and notoriety of Romania’s representatives at the international gastronomic Olympics, at the most renowned international and national events. Personalities of the art by taste display the comfort of their skill and perfect craftsmanship by wearing the Vighor equipments. Great Romanian gastronomic masters, but also of multiple nationalities, French, English, Australian, German, Swiss share our clothing requirements specific to the working conditions and help us come to meet your imagination and your professional career.



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